Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Anthony is now 11, and Ashley is 8.

Life is pretty crazy now a days.  I started my own social media marketing business a couple years ago, and this past year it has really taken off.  I am always helping my dad out a lot since he had some health issues that came up earlier this year.  My sister and I moved him down closer to us and I have been helping him get back on his feet.  Also on top of all that, I am still a mother of two kids, and a wife.  So life is busy!  I sometimes really sick and reflect on how it use to be when I was just home all day with my two littles and they both use to nap for 3 hours every day.  Awwwww that sounds so amazing!   Now they pretty much fight constantly when they interact with each other.  Fun fun!! 

So Anthony is now 11 years old.  We had a small get together last weekend, and he had a couple of friends over.  He had his braces taken off last October and now just wears a retainer.   I wish I could tell you about all the sweetness that is Anthony, but he's got a pretty good size tude on him now a days.  He tests us constantly.  He is very bright, and smart.  Loves all things weather related still   Loves to ride his bike and play basketball.  He will be joining a team this summer.   He also loves video games, but probably has them taken away from him more time than he gets to play them (once again, attitude!)  He just finished 5th grade and did pretty decent, although he realizes school is getting harder, and he can't be as lazy as he use to be. 

Ashley is now 8.   She is a pretty awesome kiddo.  Still sweet, and funny.  She does have pyroluria like I do, and it does give anxiety.  We basically got her on treatment and she's pretty good most of the time now.  She still sometimes have anxiety at night.   But a vast improvement from last year.    She is a super easy kid to homeschool 2 days a week.  Shes smart, and according to her teacher, is everyones friend.   She also continues to be an amazing artist.   Last year she started getting headaches regularly.  So I took her to the eye dr., and yep she needed glasses. 

Here are some pics.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Anthony is 9 and Ashley is 6!

I really really suck at coming in here and updating.  I think for the first time ever, I didn't blog about Anthony's birthday.  =-(    Crazy that he is 9 now.    I thought I would just come in here and post some recent pics for everyone.    Not sure if anyone even reads this anymore LOL   Give me a shout out if you do!  LOL

Anthony with his braces!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Life gets busy when you are no longer blogging.

Life is busy!!  And I wish I could go into it more.   Anthony is still our little puzzle and dare I say we might of found the last piece to the ongoing medical mystery.  But that is for another time, another blog post.   Just thought I would post a few current pics of the kiddos for everyone.  

Anthony is 8,  is now 4 foot 5 1/2 inchs tall.  Weighing in at 60lbs.   and is in 3rd grade and doing awesome.  He hates writing, but LOVES math and is fantastic at it.  Even though he's in 3rd grade he's doing 5th grade math.  Yes FIFTH GRADE math!    He likes playing basketball this year.  And Santa brought him a basketball hoop for the backyard this year.  He's also really into nerf guns.   He likes to watch tv shows like Northwoods Law, Pitbulls and Parolies, Flipping Vegas, and Spongebob.  He likes to read books like the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.  And these new Plants Vs. Zombie books.  He also loves to play video games like Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare, and Minecraft

Ashley is 5 (will be 6 in a couple of weeks).  I'm not sure what height Ashley is right now.  I honestly haven't measured her.  But she's on the short side.  She just hit 40lbs.  She really had a growth spurt.  she gained 10 lbs this year.   She is now in kindergarten and doing very well also.  She is also advanced in math and very artistic.  She has a lot of friends at school.  One being a boyfriend!  She is so in love with CHARRRRLIE!  So cute. She's really into Shopkins right now. She also still likes Doc McStuffins, and My little ponies   She still likes watching Gravity Falls.  But it seems like Peppa pig has FINALLY after almost 4 years, has stopped interesting her.  She also loves to play video games.  Mine craft seems to be her favorite.  Although she just got Mario Maker and is having fun with that.  

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Kindergarten starts Ashley

Today Ashley is starting kindergarten.   I will be doing the same school plan as I do with Anthony.  I will be homeschooling her 2 days a week, and 3 days a week she will be on campus.  She is soooooo excited to start school  

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Wow it has been sooooo long since I updated here.  I miss blogging.  Honestly I do!!  I love to write. Especially about my family, but since both kids no longer nap, there is rarely down time.   And life has changed for myself in a lot of ways too.  So here we go with a BIG update!

I'm going to start with me!

Well, not to toot my own horn, but I wrote a chapter in a book, and designed the cover.  The book is about children recovered or recovering from Autism.   My chapter is titled "Guru Girl"  You can check it out here.  Available in paper back and kindle.

Also my health took a turn for the worst last year.  I think I might of blogged about it.   I finally got off my ass and committed to getting healthy.  Currently I have lost 35lbs.  My adrenals, thyroid and hormones are all back on track and I feel great!  The experience impacted me so much,  that I now do online coaching for others.  You can read more about that here on my website  Also I have a FB page  Feel free to contact me if you would like some help getting health again, and doing it from the comfort of your own home.  No gym needed!

We also moved!!!  We moved back down closer to my family, bought our house and have been doing a lot of projects. The extra space has been such a blessing!   Also Larry is working from home.  So we all love that!

Now for the subject you all probably care about..... the kids!  LOL

Well as I mentioned, we moved.  Which meant we changed schools for Anthony.  I decided that I wanted to put Anthony into a charter school.  Which ended up being one of the BEST decisions I have ever made for him.  Seriously!   He home schools 2 days a week, but is on campus the other 3 days.  He is seriously in love with his teacher and thinks the sun rises and sets in her.   He is doing amazing with math.  So well, he has been moved up a grade with his math work.   Watching him do math amazes me.  He can figure out so much in his head.  He doesn't have to write things down at all.  And the best part is, he loves it!   One of the other positives about his charter school, is he gets an hour of explore time.  Where the kids get to choose a "job" they want to work on in any subject they choose.  Sometimes he reads, sometimes he does a math project.  He loves being able to choose.  

Health wise things have been good for Anthony.  We had a few months of hell, but figured out his dosage of TMG needed to be doubled.  After we did that, things were like night and day.   And recently we got his latest labs back, and they were the BEST we have ever seen!  You can read more about all this on my biomed website

As for personality, Anthony is a true gemini.  He can either be so sweet, thoughtful and kind.  So giving and caring.  However he can throw a wicked tantrum when he is mad.  And I don't mean a toddler tantrum.  I mean a big kid, saying horrible mean things, sarcastic nasty things. Screaming that he hates you!  That he doesn't love you anymore.   I'm trying to teach him that words hurt, and that we have to think about what we say, before we say it.  Sometimes I feel like his words cut me so deep, and I take some of the things he says so personally.  I'm not sure why I feel this way with him.  Perhaps its because of all we have been through together (nicu, preemie, he's my surviving twin, autism recovery)  Its hard because he's still a little boy, but at the same time, he's not.  He's going to be 8 in a couple of months!  Hopefully he will learn that his words can hurt and effect others.

Now as for Ashley,

Ashley just turned FIVE!!!  So crazy that my little baby is now 5.

Yeah I'm not sure what I'm doing in that picture LOL


She is still my super lovey kiddo.  She is always telling me I'm her "best girl".  Funny things she says currently is "Well this is awkward"  "No way!" "Yook It!  (look it)  Her favorite shows to watch are Gravity Falls, Doc McStuffin, and some Peppa Pig.    She is still a screamer!   Especially when it comes to her brother.  Who doesn't make life easy for her most of the time.  Perhaps this is why she developed her "I don't take no shit" spirit LOL  She has such a take charge personality.  And every kid that she meets she calls them her friend.  I bet when she starts kindergarten this year, she is going to have a ton of friends. 

We are going through a bit of a spoiled sport attitude with her right now.  We are working on it. 

Well my time is up.  Both kids just came in from outside and apparently need me =-)   It was nice writing again, even if was only for a few minutes.